Greedy Women defraud 10,000 people in in 19 million pounds pyramid scheme in UK

The group, all from Somerset, encouraged around 10,000 vulnerable men and women to 'beg, borrow or steal' £3,000 to put into the scheme - which left 90 per cent of investors facing losses. Mary Nash (bottom left), 65, Susan Crane (top right), 68, and Hazel Cameron (top centre), 54, are awaiting sentence after admitting operating the scheme. Sally Phillips (top left), 34, and, Jane Smith (bottom right), 50, and Rita Lomas (bottom centre), 49, were all given suspended sentences for their roles and three others, chairman Laura Fox, 69, Jennifer Smith-Hayes, 69, and Carol Chalmers, 68, have already been jailed for their roles. Prosecutor Mike Bennett said: 'This wasn't a bunch of ladies sitting around playing bridge. This wasn't a kitchen hobby, this was a scheme that sucked a lot of people and which worked on the promise of them receiving riches way beyond their initial investment.'

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