UAE's first female fighter pilot led airstrike against ISIS

A female Arab pilot, Maj. Mariam Al Mansouri may be ISIS' worst nightmare according to a CNN report. The first female fighter pilot in the United Arab Emirates, she led a strike mission this week against the terror group, that country's ambassador to the United States said Thursday.

"She is (a) fully qualified, highly trained, combat ready pilot, and she led the mission," Yousef Al Otaiba told MSNBC's "Morning Joe."

The UAE has joined the United States and a handful of other Arab nations in conducting airstrikes against ISIS in Syria. This summer, the group declared the establishment of a "caliphate," an Islamic state stretching across the territory it has conquered. It maintains strict rules for women, who are lashed for infractions such as not being fully covered.

Al Otaiba said the campaign against ISIS basically boils down to the question of what type of society one wants.

"It's important for us -- moderate Arabs, moderate Muslims -- to step up and say this is a threat against us. This is more of a threat against us than it is against you. This is not just a threat to our countries. This is a threat to our way of life," the ambassador told MSNBC.





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