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Photo of Daddy Showkey with Mr. President in Aso Rock

Photos of 'demgo pose' crooner, Daddy Showkey with Mr. President in Aso Roc. Showkey is supporting GEJ for his re-election campaign for 2015 elections.

A report claims Wife of Oyo state Guber aspirant Teslim Folarin allegedly shot at

HMMM! Play politics with love my people

SAD NEWS: Nollywood actor Muna Obiekwe is dead

It has been confirmed by some sources that nollywood actor Muna Obiekwe has died. The report stated that he was rushed to the hospital today after he collapsed at his home but later died around 4:15pm in a hospital in Lagos after a battle with kidney failure. . It was further disclosed that Muna has been quietly battling this kidney disease for a while now but kept the news off rader. A colleague said for over two weeks before he died didn't go for his dialysis.

Muna needed money for his health problems but instead of going public to raise money, he told friends he was planning a stage play to raise money but died before he could do it.

This is so sad a news and we all wish it never happened. RIP Muna

HAIRSTYLE: 6 year old Kimmie vs 30 year old Kimmie

Kim Kardashian West no doubt has changed significantly for over 24 years now but one thing remained constant hair trademark hairstyle....She recently rocked the same hairstyle as when she was still a little teen. Check out the pics she shared....In both pics the star wore her brown hair parted down the middle and then the rest of her locks in two braids.

Kim captioned the image: '#FBF 6 year old Kimmie vs 30 year old Kimmie  #SomeThingsNeverChange.'

RACISM: ‘The movie industry is like the Rocky Mountains – the higher you get, the whiter it gets.’ -Reverend Al Sharpton

The Oscars have been plunged into a race row over the fact that all the nominees in the four acting categories are white. American civil rights activist Reverend Al Sharpton said yesterday: ‘The movie industry is like the Rocky Mountains – the higher you get, the whiter it gets.’ ...yeah! speak on Sir, i concur hehehehe.

Sharpton, 60, a critic of the lack of diversity in the US movie industry, added: ‘I have called an emergency meeting early next week in Hollywood … to discuss possible action around the Academy Awards.’

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire £1m pounds winner, did he cheat?

Charles Ingram won one million pounds on WWTBM....But was convicted for cheating. The big question is was he innocent? New book reveals unseen evidence that casts doubt on his conviction for cheating his way to £1m on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire as reported by UKDaily Mail.

Charles Ingram (pictured, left, with wife Diana, and, right, on the game show) said his life was ruined after he was convicted of cheating on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? The former army Major has always protested his innocence and now new book Bad Show by Bob Woffinden and James Plaskett is backing his claim. It says the major hadn't met his supposed accomplice, only one fellow contestant was suspicious and there were long delays until tapes of the show were handed to police.

Politics: Expel Obasanjo from PDP – Clark

Former Federal Commissioner for Information and South South leader, Chief Edwin Clark yesterday asked the ruling Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, to expel the former President, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo from the party.

Clark-obasanjoClark also pooh-poohed the peace accord signed by the President Goodluck Jonathan, General Muhammadu Buhari and 12 other presidential candidates of the various parties on the general elections, saying that it would not not work.

Lil. Wayne girlfriend, Christina Milian and Karrine Steffan fight on social media over him

Christina and Karrine hit up instagram some days back over weezy..... the video vixen Karrine Steffan is Lil Wayne's longtime on/off girlfriend while Christina Milian is his current girlfriend. Well, the hit started Monday this week after Christina named Lil Wayne her #MCM (man crush Monday) on Instagram and then told Wendy Williams on her show that she and Lil Wayne have a special thing going on. hmmmm! how sweet lolz...

Well Karrine certainly didn't think it to be sweet i guess so she shoots...she went to instagram to shade Christina. Christina replied by calling Karrine an 'old sheep'. Gush! this ladies sure know how to fight with their fingers through tweets lol. Now read all the posts below;

Singer, Jason Derulo posted receipt as evidence to prove that Jordin Sparks lied

Singer Jordan Sparks broke up with Jason Derulo some months back and in a recent interview she told The Breakfast Club that she found out after breaking up with Jason Derulo that the brand new BMW he bought her was actually a lease that he may or may not have paid for.

She said "I was under the impression that it was purchased"

But Jason took to his instagram page to post a receipt for the car purchase to prove that she lied. He circled key information on the receipt showing it was the same “4 Door Sedan BMW” and that he paid “$74,431.22” for it, plus a “Dealer Administrative Fee,” of $599.00, which all came to about $75,000. Check the photo below;

Jim Clancy leaves CNN after 34 years following abusive Twitter exchange

CNN anchor Jim Clancy has left the network one week after a bizarre exchange with pro-Israel activists on Twitter about the terrorist outrages in Paris, in which he derided his opponents as the “hasbara team” and used a derogatory term for disabled people.

The news was broken by industry publication Adweek, which linked to The Algemeiner‘s extensive reporting of the scandal, noting that Clancy’s departure “comes just days after the veteran journalist had an extended debate via Twitter over the Charlie Hebdo cartoons.”

Photo: Rap star, 50 Cent shows off stark of cash

50 Cent 6 hrs· Still got a little Pocket money‪#‎FRIGO‬LMAO Rap star, 50 Cent shows off stark of cash with the caption 'just got a little pocket money FRIGO LMAO' ....certainly this is no pocket money lol....this is truck load of money.

FOCUS: Young Producers who have hit it big in music

This week's edition of Vanguard Allure, chose to explore covers of faces hardly seen, but names we are all familiar with. They dig into the lives of the young producers behind the music we've all been dancing to the mag tells a bit of what they do and who they are, and finally. These young producers are brains behind hits songs like; 'Kukere', 'Your Waist', 'Irawo', 'Pull Over', 'Limpopo', etc.

Gov. Fashola throws jabs at PDP governorship Candidtae Jimi Agbaje

This is serious lol...but yeah! its funny too. You know its a normal thing for politicians to throw stones against each other in Naija. Well, they are all hustling for your precious vote lolz.

Recently during a campaign in lagos state, the present governor Raji Fashola threw a jab at PDP governorship candidate for 2015 elections, Jimi Agbaje... read what the governor said below;

“You know what you must do. Open your eyes clearly. When I took this job, at the age of 44, I was counting the number of white hair on my head. Today, at 52, I am counting the number of black hair on my head. Akinwunmi (Ambode) is younger than me. You need youthfulness to do this job. That man (Mr. Agbaje) is already 60, he cannot cope with this job. If you call him at night he will not take your phone.” he said.

Akwa Ibom welcomes two special daughters home

hmmm! Ini Edo and Annie Idibia head home to Akwa Ibom probably for political assignment lolz. Nice pics though #winks

TOO MUCH MONEY: These are the Richest Women in the World

The Richest in North America:
The wealthiest woman in North America is Christy Walton. As the widow of John Walton, son of Walmart founder Sam Walton, Christy Walton inherited a portion of the retail fortune following her husband's death in 2005. With an estimated worth of $37.9 billion she is the world's richest woman.

In recent years, Walton has stepped into the world of film production, bankrolling 2013 movie "Bless Me, Ultima," based on the controversial novel by Rudolfo Anaya.

Globally, the U.S. is the country with the highest number of bil residentlionaires -- both male and female. It boasts 609 of the world's richest people.
The Richest in Europe:

The oldest female on the list is L'Oreal heiress Liliane Bettencourt, who turned 92 last year.

Hollywood stars, Angelina Jolie and Jenifer Aniston met on the red carpet the first time in six years

Angelina Jolie and Jenifer Aniston met on the red carpet (the first time in six years). Jenny was Brad Pit ex while Jolie is his wife you seee, they have a history lolz.

Jennifer Aniston lost the Best Actress nod at the Critics' Choice Awards to Julianne Moore while But she wasn't the only one to lose out as her former love rival Jolie also lost in the directing category to Richard Linklater

Photos of private jets of celebrity super rich of the world

These envy-inducing pictures reveal how the celebrity super-rich like to travel - and there's not an airport queue or baggage reclaim in sight. Thanks to their ludicrously expensive private jets, customized both inside and out, the likes of Donald Trump, Harrison Ford, Tiger Woods and Oprah Winfrey (all pictured) can rest assured their journey is as comfortable and stress-free as possible. From Boeings with marble bathrooms to Gulfstream jets capable of near-supersonic speeds - we reveal the personalized private jets of America's fortunate few. More photos below;

Imminent attack thwarted in Belgium as two 'ISIS jihadists' who returned from Syria are shot dead

'Second Paris' is averted by just hours: Imminent attack 'on a grand scale' is thwarted in Belgium after two 'ISIS jihadists' who returned from Syria just days ago are shot dead by commandos according to a report by UKdailyMail.

Forensic investigators were scouring a former bakery which was earlier the scene of a fierce firefight between anti-terror commandos and suspected Islamic State jihadis just back from Syria (main pictures). Two suspects were killed and a third arrested and charged with belonging to a terrorist organisation. Shots and explosions were heard, including machine gun fire, as officers moved against an alleged cell in the eastern town of Verviers, which is some 70 miles from Brussels. Unlike the Paris terrorists, who attacked the office of a satirical newspaper and a kosher grocery store, the suspects in Belgium were reportedly aiming at hard targets: police installations.

The country's police headquarters in Brussels meanwhile was under a…

Nigerians Must Unite, Says Former United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan

Former secretary-general of United Nations (UN) Kofi Annan in a recent interview stated that Nigeria must unite and overcome the odds and prove itself as a leader of the African continent..... 2015 elections is definitely a test for his words below;

"Nigeria has the largest population of any country [in Africa] and the biggest economy. It plays a major role on the international stage, especially at this time, when it holds a seat at the Security Council. But as the old proverb says, a large chair does not make a king. To lead, you have to be a role model. The 2015 elections are an opportunity to confirm Nigeria’s progress in the eyes of the world, but most importantly, in the eyes of its own people." Annan stated.

"Nigerians should remember that their destiny is a common one, whether you are Muslim or Christian, Northerner or Southerner, for the PDP or the APC."

EFCC Arrests Suspected Fraudsters For N806m Scam


Jeff Beacher vs. Justin Bieber WHO'D YOU GO FOR?

Now read TMZ report on this before you make your decision lolz...:

Justin Bieber used lawyers to prove his Calvin Klein pics were the real deal ... and famous showman Jeff Beacher didn't touch up his spoof either -- not that you need a lawyer to know that.

Beacher got fake tatts to match Justin's and slipped into industrial strength tighty whities to show off his natural physique ... and to prove you don't need Photoshop to look sexy. But a hot chick always helps!

Money Power: Dangote ready to buy Brocklyn Nets basketball team

The 'rocking news' right now is that Africa richest man, Aliko Dangote is interested in buying Brooklyn Nets basketball team owned by Russian Billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov, whom it has been reported is ready to sell his shares.

"Sources on Tuesday confirmed a Bloomberg News report stating that Prokhorov has retained Evercore Partners to sell the franchise he acquired majority ownership of in May 2010 for $223 million. A league source said Evercore will gather bids potentially as soon as the end of the month. Sources likewise confirmed a report from Bleacher Report that the struggling Russian economy is a factor." Bloomberg reports

Theirs rumour report that Dangote may be interested in buying the American basketball team over. Ok pals...lets wait and see what happens next...#Winks

Jim Iyke warns guys to stay clear his kiss as its for ladies ONLY

Nollywood star actor, Jim Iyke posted a pic of himself blowing a kiss to ladies only and he warned guys to star clear lolz... Read his post below;

Singer Tekno black Range Rover Sport arrives

The MMMG artist just posted a pick of his latest ride...a brand new Range Rover sport. Check out his tweet below... Congrats to him

Equality Issue: Can someone answer this question asked by CNN sincerely pls.?

CNN asked the all important but neglected question read it below;
CNN International 9 hrs· Why hasn't there been a global unity march for Nigeria after the Boko Haram attacks?
Ok, now read the article below;

Photo: Actress Stephanie Okereke- "I choose happiness"

Nollywood star actress Steph said she chose to be happy today..... how about you?
Stephanie Okereke 13 hrs· I'm in charge of how I feel and today, I choose emoticon

Obasanjo- declares he is now ABJ meaning 'Anything but Jonathan'

Hmmm! According to a report by Saharareporters, 'Baba' ......Olusegun Obasanjo declares he is now ‘ABJ’ - Anything But Jonathan.

Sahara report;
"Former President Olusegun Obasanjo today escalated his rejection of President Goodluck Jonathan’s second term bid by declaring his current mindset to be “Anything But Jonathan” (ABJ)."

President Jonathan takes Oritsefemi to campaign

After the scintillating and successful performance of Oritsefemi Ekele Majemite last week at Tafawa Balewa Square, Lagos for President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, he has finally signed the artiste to campaign with him throughout the federation for his political .

The Double Wahala fame will therefore be at Akure this week for Jonathan Presidential campaign.

It would be recalled that Oritsefemi kicked off the campaign at Tafawa Balewa Square on Thursday, the Double Wahala fame was in best form when he stormed the stage in the middle of the campaign that has lots of politicians and dignitaries across the country.

2015 ELECTIONS: INEC releases the full list of Presidential and Vice Presidential Candidates of contesting parties

The Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC has released the list of the14 presidential candidates and their running mates in the February General elections 2015. Check the list below;

*Sen. Tunde Anifowose-Kelani as the presidential candidate of Accord Alliance (AA) and Mr Ishaka Paul as his running mate.
*Rufus Salawu and Akuchie Clif as preidential and his vice presidential candidates of AD.
*Alhaji Ganiyu Galadima and Ojengbede Farida as the presidential and vice president of ACPN
*Dr Mani Ahmad and Obianuju Murphy-Uzohue as president and vice president for ADC.
*Ayeni Adebayo as president and Anthony ologbosere, female for APA.

Hollywood actress, Angelina Jolie condemns Boko Haram act of terror

Hollywood actress and UN ambassador, Angelina Jolie is worried about killings perpetrated by Boko Haram and has condemned the various attacks by sect in Nigeria. In a statement she issued recently, she condemned the activities of the terror group except below;

    "Each new crime committed by Boko Haram exceeds the last in brutality. This is a direct consequence of the environment of total impunity in which Boko Haram operates. Every time they get away with mass murder, rape and the enslavement of women and children, they are emboldened." her statement read in part

Wow! General Buhari and GEJ having a good hug while the Chairman of both PDP, Mu'azu and APC, Oyegun sharing similar hugs

General Buhari and GEJ having a good hug while the Chairman of both PDP, Mu'azu and APC, Oyegun sharing similar hugs.... What lesson do you draw from this my people?

They all enjoy good life and play politics don't kill yourself for politics and don't kill others (the opposition) too because as you can see...your masters are having fun.  Read our comic expression and view one more photo below;

Comedian Bovi - 'My encounter with a Port Harcourt prostitute'

Comedian Bovi took to his instagram page today to tell a story of his encounter with a PH prostitute that helped him out. This happened 'way-back' and at a time he needed help. Its an interesting story that you'll no doubt enjoy reading....Read below;

I had just resumed school for second semester 300 level. This was February 2000. My mission was to storm port-harcourt from abraka and surprise my older sister who had just moved to another apartment. All I had was the address to the new apartment. I've always loved to pull surprises and this was my biggest one at the time. I arrived ph in the evening via public transport and traced her new place. Me wey plan to surprise my sister con surprise myself. She had not moved in. Her present address, I didn't have.

Actresses are not runs girls – Chelsea Edogun

Bold and beautiful fast-rising Nollywood actress, Chelsea Edogun may have a bit of attitude about her; in her dress sense and the roles she put across in the movies.

But she is a girl who has a rule book and she goes about her life strictly by it. In a past interview with Vanguard the Biochemistry graduate of Delta State University made it clear she would never go nude at any price. When she was probed further by Encomium magazine she agreed she could do it for a billion pounds, which could very mean it’s a ‘no go’ area for her

Reno Omokri- Buhari calls his VP Osinbade instead of Osinbanjo +First Ladies don't spend government money

Reno Omokri is no doubt doing his job 'wella' as he stay on busy on social media and 'letting no prison' as he picks out every slip on the part of the opposition errors to make a point... now read his tweets and get the rest of the gist lolz.

'I'm FREE to have SEX now' -Vast of Bracket

Hmmmm! Nwanchukwu Ozioko aka Vast of the popular music group Bracket is so excited to be free of Lymphoma, a type of blood cancer. He said doctors warned him to abstain from sex during the treatment process but have confirmed now that he is free to have sex. Read his words below;

"I have gone for sperm check. I am okay. The essence of not having sex was to ensure that I don't give birth to an abnormal baby. Because if I impregnate a lady in that condition, she might give birth to such a baby and of course I don't want that to happen. That was why I was instructed to stay away from sex for five months. I am ready to resume. Interestingly, They know I'm a man capable of getting married when it's time. Before they started the treatment, they took sperm from me for safe keeping in case the treatment damages my sperm. I will still be able to have children but nothing bad happened. It didn't affect anything. I am free to have sex and impregnate my lady when the tim…

No election at troubled areas in Nigeria -INEC boss, Prof. Jega

The Chirman of Independent National Electoral Commision, INEC Prof. Atahiru Jega said that election may not hold at some troubled areas in the northern Nigeria. Read below;

"A place like Borno state, unless something is done about those that have been displaced, even the time of the governorship election may be very very difficult, if not impossible under the circumstances. We are been realistic. We must say that it may be impossible to do elections everywhere and in every local government in every constituency in those three states" he said at a forum in Abuja today.

On the possibility of internally displaced people casting their votes during the elections, Prof Jega said

"First and foremost, we know that there are many Internally displaced persons in Nigeria on many causes but our focus is going to be on the North east zone and it will only be for internally displaced persons that are in that states" he said

Ini Edo new ride is a G-Wagon SUV worth 38 million naira

The nollywood star actress is balling real hard as she kick off the year in a celebration mood with a classy ride....a G-Wagon SUV worth 38 million naria. Enjoy!!!

Female suicide bombers kill 39 in Potiskum, Maiduguri markets

Over 20 people were killed at Kasuwar Jagwal GSM market in the commercial capital of Potiskum, Yobe State, yesterday, when two female suicide bombers, one of them aged about 15, blew themselves up in the crowded market.

The blasts came just a day after a young girl thought to be aged about 10 killed 19 at a Chicken Market in Maiduguri, in the neighbouring Borno State.

Potiskum is in the west and about 100 kilometres from Damaturu, the Yobe State capital, that witnessed series of bomb blasts including the suicide bomber that hit a police formation weekend.

Man, 80, arrested for raping 12-yr-old girl

Pa Olajide Ojo, 80, has been arrested by the police in Ikole Ekiti for allegedly defiling a 12-years old girl. Ojo, of No. B22, Oke Ode Idogun Street, Ikole –Ekiti, was said to have committed the offence on December 24, 2014 according to a report by Vanguard News .

The suspect, according to a press statement by the Ekiti police image maker, Mr Victor Babayemi, yesterday, reportedly, lured the girl, on street trading, into the room under the pretence that he wanted to buy pounded yam.

Ojo was said to have locked the door as soon as the victim entered and defiled her.

CAF President, Hayatou’s regret: Okocha deserved CAF awards

Confederation of African Football president, Issa Hayatou was of the view that Nigerian football legend, Austin ‘Jay Jay’ Okocha deserved to have won the highest African football honour for all his masterful displays during his playing days.

In 2003 and 2004 respectively when Okocha was at his best, the African player of the year award eluded him, much to the surprise of most Nigerian soccer enthusiasts conversant with African football. Instead, Samuel Eto’o was crowned back to back for those years, with Didier Drogba as runner’s up, while Okocha was third. Coincidentally, the former Super Eagles midfield maestro was voted back to back as the BBC African player of the year for the same period. This led to conspiracy theories that there was a Francophone gang-up against Okocha, who is from Nigeria, an Anglophone country.

Cardinal Okogie to Fr Mbaka- Your under the influence of another spirit

Anthony Cardinal Olubunmi Okogie, the retired Archbishop of Lagos state has reacted  in strong terms to the recent statements made by Fr. Ejike Mbaka on President Jonathan's administration and re-election. In an interview with excerpts below;

How do you see the statement credited to Rev. Father Ejike Mbaka?
Any serious priest will not speak the way he spoke. I am not saying that he is not serious. I will not agree with the things he said. According to what I read in the newspapers, a few weeks earlier, the First Lady, Mrs. Patience Jonathan, visited his Adoration Ground in Enugu and he prayed for her. At that occasion, he was said to have lambasted the opposition party, APC, and now to turn around overnight and start lambasting President Goodluck Jonathan shows that there is something wrong somewhere.