My Opinion: It's Right to Apologise to our Children- Royal-Queen

A lady started a conversation on twitter and she is of the opinion that it's wrong to apologise to our kids because when we fail, they look down on us.
 she also said; parents are the  god they see and know... see the full tweet below;

I like the fact she mentioned she is trying her best  to be better.
But the issue with this tweet is the 'not apologising when we hurt our kids'

Reading the tweet above;
She admitted to have gone overboard with her punishment and by right she is supposed to apologise, because the young man is an emotional being. He has feelings and that feeling was hurt.
You are a parent, a god and he too is a god.
(gods give birth to gods)
Biblically children were told to obey their parents and parents too were told not to provoke their children to wrath. So if you fall short, you should apologise to the person you hurt.

Secondly she was unrealistic, when she said "I will never do it again"
Some people make this statement and keep to it while others make it and never keep to it.
If you understand yourself then ' integrity' means you say what you mean- and mean what you say.

In conclusion we are humans and perfectionism does not really exist, what matters is our desire to be the best we can be. So we can be wrong and children will grow to respect the fact that you are doing your best to be your best version. It motivates them.
When we apologise we are teaching them to apologise when they fall short too.
So many people are cruel enemies today because proper apologies were never done.

Spiritually we were made perfect by faith not even by works. No body can be naturally.
Parents please when you offend or see a need to apologise to your kids do it reasonably. For instance;

"baby i'm sorry or i feel bad to have hurt you the way i did. Please forgive me and i will try to avoid going that way, I'm working on better ways to correct and direct you.
I respect your feeling that is the reason for this. I want you to respect mine by doing things the way it will be appropriate"

Apologies does not demean or demote you, we should not take it out of context. The ability to recognise that we were wrong and also going that extra mile of apologising, is an expression of  humility and that is what we ought to teach our children.





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