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.Recently a woman sold her new born baby for 200k (about $500) so she can start a business.
. A man sat on the road with his baby with multiple holes in her chest, to raise fund for surgery and he succeeded with it and the reason was because his 'dramatic act' was on big news sites in Nigeria.

To be honest I'm really happy he succeeded and especially so pleased the child will live, this writeup is not to discredit hospitality.
My point is this;  In Nigeria I've noticed most people try their best to support the sick, and also causes that will fan their ego but will find it extremely hard to support people's ideas , innovations and visions.

Another observation: Most Nigerian celebrity will always write on their pages
 " I want to support 50 people with #50k (naira)  write your problems using the comment box and i will select randomly.
And i'm like "cant the problem be seen when it is inboxed"?

But no! Dm's will not do much for their ego , they need that publicity and if you inbox, you will not get a dime.
Also have you noticed that once a celebrity talks about helping an underage plantain seller he saw at night, then all the celebrities will cue up to help that particular plantain seller and you will begin to wonder- there are so many plantain sellers , groundnut sellers and recharge card sellers and  they meet them  everyday.
 Yes, you are right, but No! Those ones will not do much for their ego, they like the trend going on social media and would want to be a part of it.

Crowdfunding has made so many people millionaires overseas, few days ago i read a post a young man that raised $162,000 in 48 hrs and that's not for sickness but for a project he believes in - crowdfunding have been a great source of benefit to many in US because once you are making sense concerning your idea,  innovation they will surely support you.
Their concern is not that 'you will become richer than them as it is the case here .
But they donate so that you succeed with your plans.
They even imbibe the 'donate to a cause you believe in culture' in their kids.
It makes them happy  no wonder they have a progressive mentality.
If you are running an organisation you will never struggle because even your friends helps you raise funds on those crowdfunding platforms.
Its a pity is not same with us here. Those platforms are mostly for those living in the US . So if you are not living there you are advised to ask your friend there to help you start a campaign .
I have noticed that Nigerians over there refuses to help nigerians here even when they are asked to help.
It seems they have not evolved and are still caught up with the same crab mentality.
The ' i cant stick out my neck for you mentality'
The "lets be friends but do ask me to anything that will for your benefit alone"
Most Nigerians will not want to help you when it has to do with a progressive cause or even want to help you discover yourself.

Ask an average Nigerian for money for food/hospital bills they are likely to help you but will never lift a finger when it has to do with what will 'make you'.
This is a crab mentality
The mentality of 'me first '
The mentality of 'i'm not done helping myself'
The mentality of why should you succeed before me?
The mentality of 'will i be the one to make you?'

Why is crowdfunding not flourishing in
Nigeria ?

Yes i know the first thing that will come to your mind is fraud secondly poverty .
But the issue is this, its not everyone that is fraud and with appropriate documentation such as a valid ID .
Fundraisers can actually follow up to ensure the money raised is/was used for the purpose.
So fraud can be managed.

Secondly the issue of poverty, I'm you know we have lots of billionaires , millionaires and thousandnaires in Nigeria,
besides you dont have to be rich to support causes.
A token of 2k, 3k (naira ) raised by just 100 people can help a cause of #300,000

I have come to this conclusion after much thoughts.
Most Nigerians does not have the spirit of lifting others up. They rather give money to the rich than to those that actually need it .
If you are reading this,  i encourage you -lifting people should be your priority.
When you Invest only in cars in a matter of years it goes bad, invest in houses trust me it will turn old someday .
Invest in dreams,  make people ideas become realities and the reward will be a fulfilled life.
How can you say you love God whom you've not seen when you dont love people you see every day ?
Loving God is loving men.

That woman should not have thought of selling her baby if our crowdfunding platforms are working.
If we have a working platform all i need to do as a donor is donate a specific amount (1k, 2k or even millions) monthly/weekly to causes i believe in.

Crowdfunding platforms in US is so effective that people even raise money for burials , weddings,  birthdays and even holiday trips .
We are here to co-exist . Lets make Nigeria a better place.





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