Bill Gates becomes the world's second 'centi-billionaire'

Just like his fellow billionaire Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates has become the world's second 'centi-billionaire' now that he has reached the $100 billion threshold.According to Bloomberg, which tracks the wealth of the planet's richest people through its Billionaires Index, the Microsoft co-founder has already earned $9.5 billion so far this year - taking him right up to the magic $100 billion mark.
The only other member of the ultra-exclusive $100 billion club is Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, who became the first centi-billionare in history in November 2017 and is now worth $146 billion.
According to Bloomberg, there are also 145 people in the world who are designated 'deca-billionaires' with fortunes of at least $10 billion, and some 2,800 regular billionaires.





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