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underwater restaurant
 This might be the best place to propose or have that honeymoon dinner - what do you think?
 It is a beautiful place. More than 7,000 customers are already booked. It is situated on the southern tip of Norway. It is called Under, which means 'wonder' in Norwegian.

It is Europe's first Underwater restaurant, partly submerged in the North Sea.
A full 18-course meal, based on local ingredients and seafood, can cost up to 3,700 krone ($430/£325) per person including drinks.

underwater restaurant
It is well built exclusively for pleasure and has a big window like an aquarium
it was designed by Norwegian architecture firm Snoehetta, which also created the Opera house in Oslo and the National September 11 Memorial Museum in New York.
 There are just few underwater restaurants around the world, and they found in tropical waters like the Maldives in the Indian Ocean.
underwater restaurant

underwater restaurant

underwater restaurant


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