Rich kid that lives a Versace lifestyle swaps his life for a less extravagant life - photos

A 'rich kid' who lives in a multi-million pound mansion and has a wardrobe full of designer shoes will swap his life for a less extravagant one - on a council estate. 

Navid, 24, from London, who has his own personalised bath tub in the home he shares with his parents, is in for a rude awakening on tonight's Rich Kids Go Skint.

The rich millennial, who has a passion for labels and says that 'Versace is (his) life' even owns Versace plates, worth £2,000, that he proudly displays his in enormous dining room.


 As part of the Rich Kids Go Skint experiment, Navid will leave his mansion to stay with parents Queen and Shawn and their two-year-old daughter Simone, who live on a council estate near the Grenfell tower. He will stay with the family for a time duration. Eating what they eat, helping out around the house, also go the events they go. He will practically be a part of that family.

The 24-year-old also owns a golden Versace tracksuit that cost £1,000 and several designer bags, from different brands.

The 'rich kid' does not have a limit to his budget and very few boundaries when it comes to spending his money. 'If I see something nice and I like it and need it, I get it,' he explains.

Rich Kids go Skint airs on Tuesday at 9pm on 5Star.

Rich Kids go Skint airs on Tuesday at 9pm on 5Star.

While he works as a pharmacist for now, Navid wants to have a career in modelling, rapping and acting. He splashes his money on meet-and-greets with his favourites stars like Britney Spears and Selena Gomez.

He's also seen Nicki Minaj nine times, with these events usually costing him between £400 and £1,000.
After his stay, he truly understood what life was down there.
At the end of the week, Navid says the whole experience made him 'appreciate [his] parents even more, and even the help we got at home, the amount of work that she puts in.'

He surprises the family with a thank you note and a trip to adventure resort Chessington.

It is revealed that Navid and Queen and her family kept in touch after their week spent together and that the heir is thinking of joining the family of three on their trip to Chessington.





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