Smartness wins! This comic photo-story has all it takes to lighten your day!

 I know you're busy but this will lighten your day... What am about to share got me laughing out loud and for 5 minutes I stared at the photos as to get a fitting title for  this post. 
I thought of ''baby scammer" I said no that's too serious so I came up with smartness always wins...
Now here is the gist:
A boy walked up to a lady in a plane/bus

Boy: Excuse me, ma'am that's my seat.


 The Lady: Hey, you wanna play a game?


 The lady continued: Now this is how the game will go...
I ask you a question and if you can't answer,you give me $5...


 The lady, still explaining: ...then, you ask me a question,and if I can't answer, then I give you $500!


The Lady: I'll go first! How did game of thrones end?

Boy: I don't know here is $5


 The boy: My turn...what is born with wings, becomes colourless during it's life and dies with horns?


 Now the hilarious part!

The lady: (Using her old lady's brain, thought she will out-smart the boy)
Asked the mighty Google and Google failed 😂, she asked enclycopedia and  it  failed. Now it's time to admit the truth.

 Lady: Fine! I don't know! Here's your $500! So what's the answer?
Boy: I don't know but here's your $5

Omg! Hilarious isn't it?
 I had to post this here because I didn't want to laugh alone. 
Smartness always wins
The lady's facial expression is priceless!

She is like...damn I thought you're a kid??





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