What happened to an Epileptic mother after she passed out on top of her curling tongs during seizure will shock you

 A mother who suffers from epilepsy needed six operations and drastic surgery to repair her face after she collapsed face-first onto hot curling tongs.

Brittney Sullivan, 32, was found on the bathroom floor by her eight-year-old daughter after passing out during a seizure and suffering third degree burns.

 Most of the left side of Mrs Sullivan's face was badly burned in the freak accident and she has had multiple surgeries to try and repair the skin.

Now left scarred but still able to see out of both eyes, Mrs Sullivan said she is coming to terms with her injuries to show people beauty isn't just skin deep.
Mrs Sullivan had been getting ready for work one morning in January 2018 when she had a seizure while styling her hair and collapsed in the bathroom.
I was standing in my bathroom, curling my hair getting ready for work, and the next thing I knew I'd woken up in hospital,' she said.

'My daughter Makennah, who was eight at the time, found me on the bathroom floor and got in touch with my parents.

'My dad took the kids to school and my mum took me to hospital. When I found out the extent of my injuries I cried and thought "I'm never going to be beautiful".

'It took me a week before I could look in the mirror. A million things went through my mind. Was my husband going to leave me? Would my kids be scared of me?'

Mrs Sullivan, from Cleburne in Texas, lives with her husband, David, 36 and their children Makennah, now 10, Presley, seven, and James, two.

After spending 12 days in hospital Mrs Sullivan, who was diagnosed with epilepsy in 2013, began the long road back to recovery.

She needed skin grafts to replace the destroyed flesh on her face, and would later have reconstructive surgeries to reduce scar tissue and make her left eye usable.





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