Driver's golden Porsche seized by German police because it's too shiny

A driver has been ordered off the road by police who said that his Porsche, clad in a reflective gold foil finish, was too shiny.
Police in Hamburg, Germany spotted the 31-year-old driver and stopped him, saying that his Porsche Panamera was dangerous as it could blind other drivers.
They ordered him to remove the foil and re-register his vehicle but claim that he was later stopped again because he failed to listen.
After the second stop, police took his keys, papers and license plate, before the vehicle was towed to a garage.
The driver was fined an unspecified amount and will have to remove the foil to make the car street legal again.

The Porsche Panamera was later pictured after it had been seized.

Local media claim that a Lamborghini owner was stopped at the same time with similar gold foil, but he complied and removed it.





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