Huawei chairman says the firm has not discussed selling its 5G chips with US rival Apple

A senior executive from Huawei has denied that the firm has spoken to Apple about supplying the US company with 5G chipsets in the future.
The comment comes a day after Huaewei's founder and CEO said that it was 'open' to selling 5G mobile chips to Apple.

The latest remark, made by rotating chairman Ken Hu, was made the day after founder Ren Zhengfei said that he would consider the venture with regards to Apple. 

So far the tech giant has only used its chips for its own devices, although it has secured 40 contracts to build 5G technology into telecom infrastructures worldwide.

At the Huawei annual global analyst summit in its Shenzhen headquarters, Mr Hu reiterated that Huawei does not plan to become a chipset vendor at this time and no such conversations had taken place with Apple. 

'We have not had discussions with Apple on this issue,' Mr Hu said.     

He added that Huawei had secured 40 commercial contracts to build 5G telecommunications infrastructure, up from a previously disclosed tally of more than 30 companies.

As the world's largest telecommunications equipment maker, Huawei has an inhouse semiconductor arm, HiSilicon that designs chipsets, which includes the phone chips that go into its mobile handsets.

But these are currently solely used in its own products and not by other phone companies or third parties.





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