Man desperately want his horrible dream story

Man who wants his identity hidden is in need of an interpretation for the dream he if you are Joseph
 the interpreter (smiles)please be kind enough to drop your comment.
Read his story below;

Can anyone help to interpret my dream? The dream was about me and a group of none specific faces but close acquaintances. We were out on what seems like evangelism. Again it appears to me that we left from a big city but ended up somewhere far out of town, possibly somewhere at a remote village. While on the mission, we did encounter all sorts of obstacles and faced difficulties.

Although I can't recall vividly all about it but then the most prominent of it all was that we struggled to find our way out off the interior village to a major high way where we could board a taxi back to the city. With perseverance we found our way to the major express way and got to a Petrol station where Buses (taxi’s) going to the big city stop’s by to refill gas (fuel) and pick up more passengers. The petrol stations on site where two; the first one is where we are and the second was ahead of us, in front. There were petty traders selling all kinds of articles and food, snacks around. It was crowded with passengers waiting for Buses and rushing to board. Buses where come into the station and passengers often rush over to board and leave. Teenage traders carry their goods about to seek for buyers.

Lots of Buses stopped by and picked up passengers and left. But gradually it became evident that no more Buses where coming through.  Buses came sparingly and none was going my way. It seems like no bus was going our way as most of the buses that came around only picked passengers going somewhere else and the night was fast approaching. So, my team and I became worried and started to seek alternatives but most conversation ended with "do not worry, a bus will come". So, we kept waiting and the man who seem to be the head of the petrol station (the manager) made his presence felt. He came out from the station and looked around boldly and issued some instructions which got some people attentive and off to duty. He didn’t look so nice a man. But that wasn’t my concern as all I desired was to find a Bus (taxi) that will take my team and I back to the city. Well, I kept looking out for a bus going our way; for my crew but then I noticed that I kept seeing some rapped bundles of money, almost covered by sand on the ground.

 I bent low, pick it up and look around to see if anyone was looking for it but no one came forward to claim ownership of it or cared. It became a constant occurrence as I keep finding rapped bundles of money every step forward. So, I kept picking it up and deposit it into my bag and pant (trouser) pockets too.

The supposed petrol station, manager who took notice of it came to me demanding for the money to be handed over to him. I asked why and he failed to offer any good reason rather he displayed proof of his greed as the sole reason. I argued that he won't disburse it judiciously since that could be forgotten by people who will never head back this way. Therefore, the money is a case of ‘finder’s keeper’ in this case it’s me, who should keep it. He growled at me but proved powerless and before him I continued to find more money which he could not see until I have picked it up. He left with bitterness. I looked out to connect back to my team and find a Bus (taxi) but noticed that that they’ve gone and left me behind. That was painful and made me feel lonely. They left while I was searching out for bus for us all …but got distracted with picking up bundles of money. Now I'm stranded here all alone ...and it is night already. I noticed that I kept seeing more money on the grand which I picked until my pocket and bag got filled up. Now, I got so worried because all of a sudden, everyone has left both the sellers and the passengers. The petrol station has closed and the lights where put off. At a point I wanted to move to the next petrol station to try my luck but my heart kept insisting I stay put were I was. Now, that the petrol station finally closed up and the other station nearby have closed too, I was confused on what next to do.

They’ve all put out their lights. I felt so alone and anxious ...I wondered what to do now that the petrol stations are closed and no one cared and no buses where coming around anymore. My thoughts where that I was going to be attacked (the evil voice) but then I had this fearless bang that over takes me and assures me.

Out of frustration and feeling lost; I decided to move closer to the express way from the petrol station. I walked close to the tip of the express way and stood there looking out for a possible vehicle coming through. It was dark already and a few vehicles passersby almost 20 minutes apart. That did build up my frustration. Alas! Yes, a last minute bus came through but it was filled with goods. It was just the driver in front and possibly the owner of the goods in front and the driver attaché (con-doctor) that sat at the back of the van close to the entrance door. I had to flag them down out of desperation while they slowed down possibly to check if they can top up their gas (fuel) at the station. They got closer, still moving but on low speed. So, I continued waving my hands and quickly asked them to please let me join them as I am stranded and needed to get back to the big city. They stopped instantly and the attaché (con-doctor) got down and let me seat where he was seating previously. I sat down comfortably while he moved to the front; to seat (squat) in between the man at the front seat and the driver. The surprising thing was that after I made the plea to join them, the driver immediately instructed his attaché (con-doctor) to allow me seat and he nodded in agreement with him. They never said a word or disputed it, even the man in front was ok with it and they let me come along. That was how I left the dark forsaking place. They were very happy to help me and we all had a lovely ride back to the city. My safe return completely extinguished my fears and worries …and, I came back with a bag full of money …that felt good. Then I woke up.

Note that when my crew left me and the night came through, the petrol station was closed. My mind was registering this evil voice saying rubbish things to me such as "this is the end for you, which was why your crew left cos you were meant to die here." Again the will say; "You can't make it out of here" "this is your end" "this place is dangerous and those who have left are safe but you’re not."

But my inner being, (God’s voice) in me has always proved to be stronger. It kept hushing the evil voice up. It will say loudly “Never! I will never die here". "You shall watch as I will leave and nothing will happen cos I'm stronger than you". "You can't intimidate me". "The almighty is with me and protects me so you know you can't do anything to me. Get off my side" I said these words as I walked closer to the major road and behold; a bus that took me out of there finally.
This is not some stupid story but a true dream I had. I will appreciate it if anyone has a vivid interpretation for it …thank you





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