One of the Sri Lanka Suicide bomber studied UK, Australia and 'FINANCIALLY INDEPENDENT'

The country's Deputy Defence Minister Ruwan Wijewardene did not name the terrorist, or which university or college he attended.
 Eight British nationals died when suicide bombers targeted churches and hotels, and the number of confirmed dead had risen to 359.

The revelation that one of the terrorists studied in Britain sparked fears that he could have been radicalized at a university in UK.
Security expert Professor Anthony Glees also suggested MI5 will know the identity of the bomber with the British link.
The defense minister today also revealed that there were nine suicide bombers, and so far eight have been identified, and they used two safehouses to mastermind the atrocity.

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Mr Wijewardene said: 'We believe one of the suicide bombers studied in the UK and then later on did his postgraduate in Australia, before coming back to settle in Sri Lanka.' He added that the attackers were well educated and 'financially independent.' Pictured right: Burials for the dead yesterday in Negombo.





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