Tiger Wood's two second putt made Nike almost$22,540,000 as his network is set to be doubled

"Our setbacks can never be our end so we need to always wait patiently for our comeback" wow! Tiger Woods two second putt earned Nike
an estimated $22.5 million in his first major victory in 11 years during a sensational sporting comeback at the Masters.

Woods, 43, raised his arms triumphantly on the 18th green while wearing his Sunday red Nike shirt, the same as he had worn in his first major win at the Masters at Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia in 1997.

He hugged his family including his son Charlie in moving scenes reminiscent of how he had embraced his own father wearing the iconic Nike swoosh with his first ever major at Augusta in 1997.

Nike's gamble to stick by Woods throughout his major-winning curse meant they cashed in to the tune of $22,540,000 in estimated advertising revenue when their logos were splashed all over his triumphant moment and hugs with his family and girlfriend, Erica Herman, Apex Marketing found.

It marked the culmination of a remarkable eight-year comeback that began when his marriage problems hit headlines across the world in 2009 and continued for almost a decade. Two years ago in 2017 he was still at a low point after being found asleep behind the wheel of his Mercedes while high on a cocktail of five drugs.

Last time he won a Masters was in 2005 which put him on course to be the world's first billion dollar athlete - now his earning potential is set to skyrocket after Nike stuck with him throughout his troubled period.

He signed a reported $200 million contract with Nike in 2013.





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