Tesla owner says Autopilot saved family from crash in near miss caught on video

A Tesla Model 3 owner claims that Autopilot saved his family by autonomously swerving away from a distracted pickup truck driver almost crashing into their car in a near miss caught on video.

Recently, we have noticed an increase in Tesla owners reporting Autopilot’s side collision avoidance helping evade potential crashes in an impressively aggressive way.

Raghu Konka, a Model 3 owner, posted another example this week – showing his Model 3 swerving away from a pickup truck that was going to crash into his car on the highway near Renton, Washington:

 Konka claims that Autopilot initiated the evasion move seen on the video before he could himself react. He wrote on Twitter:

    “I was on Autopilot. It detected early and accelerated away to the next lane. I also reacted but no way could have avoided the crash without the help of Autopilot.”

The Model 3 owner claimed that the vehicle “saved” his family from the potential crash.

Side collision avoidance systems are not unique to Tesla, but the system powered by Tesla’s Autopilot appears to be able to do some aggressive maneuvers than we have seen before.

Last month, we reported on a Tesla owner saying Autopilot automatically regained control after sliding out-of-control on ice in a situation caught on video. The vehicle did a very aggressive move to come back in the lane.





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