Apollo astronaut Buzz Aldrin calls for GREAT MIGRATION OF HUMANKIND TO THE MARS as he praises Trump's plan for moon mission but warns against a new space race

The 89-year-old said a 'great migration' is necessary not only for the sake of exploration but for the ongoing survival of the human race.

Aldrin advocated for a spirit of international collaboration, based on the work being undertaken on the International Space Station, with America taking the lead.

Buzz Aldrin, along with fellow astronauts Neil Armstrong and Michael Collins, landed on the moon almost 50 years ago.

They did this with a mission, Aldrin wrote in an opinion piece in the Connecticut paper Washington Post.

'Apollo 11 aimed to prove America's can-do commitment to space exploration, as well as its national security and technological superiority.'

'We did all that. We also "Came in Peace for all Mankind"'

'More of that is needed now.' 





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