A meaningful silence is better than meaningless words

when to be silent

One of the most important lesson I learnt this year is to know when to open my mouth and when not to. When to share my opinion and when to ignore.

What  ever we say is  most often,  what is used against us. Be silent when...
 When we scream, we are often seen as out of control. The people close by, sees us as emotionally driven.
When we find your self wanting to scream! Take a deep breath, remind yourself that you will achieve less by screaming. Talking calmly and  firm even irritate those that offends.  Do you know why? That is because you are proving to be more smarter, controlled and articulate. You will be greatly admired
and trusted by onlookers
 When you are critical, no genuine person will want to stay close to you. They need sanity and you definitely won't give them that. There are so many ways to correct or direct others without putting them down or making them feel less.
 Be silent if your words could damage a friendship.
In the past I often have strong desire to tell my friends 'off' when they mess up. When they act inappropriately. But in as much as I feel that would correct them, it damages our friendship. Now...yes now, I've learnt an important lesson which is the fact that we all have a "working conscience" which comes ton play when we treat people badly or talk bad about others, we will know we did the wrong thing. So I don't need to preach too hard any more, your own conscience should tutor you.
 Assumption! I extensively talked about assumption in my book WISDOM UNDILUTED . It destroys friendship, it destroys relationship. Be kind enough to ask questions as regards to things you don't understand or better still ignore. Face your life squarely. Trust me there is so much to do.
 Be silent if your words will offend someone.
 If you don't have something good to say ...then don't say anything.
 Ahhhhh ha! Social-media is projecting this one very well. People rant on social media and later regret. I saw a quote online and it reads "some years back, people write on their secret diaries and hide it away from people because they don't want it to be read, but today people post on social Media and get offended when it is not read"
Be silent if your words convey the wrong impression. People choose to hear what they want to hear not even what you say. When you say things that conveys the wrong impression, they don't have the patients to ask question but they simply run with it.
Be silent when angry, what usually comes out in the heat of anger is usually very poisonous and can boil a noodle *smiles*
Be silent when its time to listen. Be swift to hear and slow to speak, that should guide you
Finally, a meaningful silence is better than  meaningless words.
A man that can guided tongue is a guided life.

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