Doctor narrates how MEgan was born in a shabby Los Angeles hospital 37 years ago.

Where/how we were born does not dictate how far we will go in life. 
In those days, Dr Malverse Martin was a recently-qualified gynaecologist working at the hospital.

Husband and wife were certainly an incongruous pair: he a 35-year-old, balding, and slightly ungainly bear of a man of Caucasian stock; she a petite black woman, 12 years his junior, who wore flowers in her braided hair and flowing hippie clothes.

It was in the small hours of August 4, 1981, that Dr Martin was called to West Park's maternity wing where he delivered Megan – a strikingly gorgeous girl with shiny eyes and wispy curls.

Her birth certificate shows that he brought Rachel Meghan Markle into the world at 04.46 that morning.

'This is something! I delivered a duchess. I'm honoured. It's very exciting,' he told us. I'm thrilled to learn my name was on the duchess's birth certificate.'Believe it or not, I saw her wedding [to Harry]. It was beautiful,' said Dr Martin, whose career suffered a blip in 2007, when he had his licence suspended for 30 days for failing to maintain proper medical records.

From my extensive research into Meghan's background, however, I can well imagine how her earliest moments contrasted with those of her son. No doubt Harry was at her side and there was a team of eminent experts on call.

Meghan was born without fanfare, in a rather drab room overlooking a thrumming freeway.

By some accounts, her father was there at the birth. But others suggest relations between Thomas and Doria were already strained, although they weren't divorced until Meghan was six.

In any case, Doria's mother, Jeanette Ragland was with her when she went into labour at West Park Hospital.

A photo of Doria holding Meghan a few hours after the birth says much about the circumstances. Though the new mother is clearly overjoyed, something about her expression seems to betray her vulnerability, loneliness and exhaustion.

West Park Hospital has gone now. It was demolished more than 20 years ago to make way for a row of houses as newly affluent couples moved into the Los Angeles suburb of Canoga Park.
Today the Dr runs a private hospital.





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