Tesla Model S driver walks away from violent head-on collision caught on video

A Tesla Model S proved its 5-star safety rating during a major accident at the tunnels of Vallvidrera in Barcelona, Spain.
As could be seen in footage of the crash, the owner of the all-electric sedan managed to walk away from a potentially fatal head-on collision seemingly unharmed.

The accident, which happened last week, involved three vehicles, one of which was a white Model S. While traveling through a three-lane section of the tunnels, what appears to be a gray station wagon seemingly lost control, heading full speed into the opposing lane. The vehicle first hit a sedan before getting into a head-on collision with the Model S.
The crash was massive, with the heavy all-electric sedan being moved to the side of the tunnel and the station wagon being thrown to the opposing wall. The violence of the impact could be seen from the aftermath of the collision. The Model S totaled its front area, and what appears to be part of the station wagon’s engine was ripped off.





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