Some of your greatest pains becomes your greatest is very interesting

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In a perfect world, you would be really good at everything you need to have a successful business and a successful life. Then again, in an ideal world, you'd also have fantastic hair, abs of steel, and a winning lottery ticket in your pocket.

Here in this imperfect world, we all have to face the fact that we're good at some things, just passable at others, and downright lousy at some that are really important. If you're an entrepreneur, this can be frustrating because you want to be good at everything.
Worse, you may believe you have to be good at everything because you're the only one who can make your company a success. Well, guess what? You're not good at everything, and neither is anyone else.

So what can you do? Find ways to turn your biggest weaknesses into strengths. Here's how:

 Recognize and accept your weakness.

You can't turn a weakness into a strength if you're busy denying the weakness exists. So your first assignment is to recognize that you have weaknesses and determine what they are.

Take me. I'm not good at confrontation. Or rather, I'm very good at avoiding confrontation. This has sometimes stood me in good stead but others times caused unnecessary trouble.
Too many times, I've let a bad situation last way too long because of my reluctance to have an unpleasant encounter. I'm not proud of this, but admitting it to myself is helpful. It means I can take this tendency into account when making decisions about what to do.





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