Archaeologists finds name of King Balak who persecuted Jews in a 3,000-year-old tablet , confirming incidents to be real

King Balak, a biblical King of the ancient Hebrews, may have been a historical figure, say researchers studying a 2,800-year-old inscribed stone.
According to the story, which is in the Old Testament, Balak made many attempts to curse and persecute the Jews.

The ancient tablet, called the Mesha Steele, describes various conflicts and conquests that happened during the 9th century.

Although parts of the inscription are badly cracked and eroded, line 31, previously thought to refer to 'House of David', may actually be describing King Balak.

The team, from Tel Aviv University, think they've spotted three consonants, the first of which is the Hebrew letter 'beth,' which sounds like 'B.'

The team can't be sure, but the team think it's 'very likely' the inscription on the 31st line, the bottom of the Stele, refers to King Balak.

The new analysis of the stone suggests that Balak, a key character in a biblical parable in the book of Numbers, may be mentioned as a rival to Mesha. 

Source:UK Mail Online





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