Be who you needed when you were hurting - RoyalQueen

Be the person who breaks the cycle.
If you were judged, choose understanding.

If you were rejected, choose acceptance.
if you were shamed, choose compassion.
Be who you needed when you were hurting, not the person who hurt you.

In high school, some people that were given some level of authority/leadership based on their level (class) exercised it on the junior students and they did without mercy.
Time passed, the junior students became seniors and did double of what the ones that passed did and even added theirs.

Some of us still live like that -When badly treated instead of developing compassion, we develop hatred and wickedness.

When people refuse to lift us up, we tell people that needs our help '' No one helped me, am self made, you too can do it'' without lifting a hand to help.

I always tell my self  ''whatever poses as a challenge to me should be a tool or an experience to help to others''.
You too can say and do same.





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