Latest: ANDROID Q with great features

Android 10 Q beta 3 is available today on more devices than any previous Android beta has been available on before.

A full release is expected this fall, but Google is announcing new major features for the tenth version of Android today at Google I/O. Android Q has oft-requested UI changes like dark mode and improved gestures. Even though those are the things most people will notice, they aren’t the most important (or impressive) parts.

 The more important parts are things that address real user needs and resolve longtime problems with the Android platform. There’s a new accessibility option called Live Caption that’s genuinely amazing. There are also improvements to Android’s security and privacy models, many of which have been a long time coming. Finally, Google is also trying once again to solve Android’s perennial update problem with a new solution that’s a head-smackingly obvious “finally” moment.

It’s hard to come up with an overarching theme for this grab bag of features and improvements. Put to it, I’d say that what we’re looking at here is Google trying to finish a lot of the work it began with Android 9 Pie.





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