Learning to fix our problems rightly solves the problem permanently

Learning to fix our problems rightly solves the problem permanently

Life, in its many forms, is the product of growth. It happens all around us. It happens in the form of change. Just as the Earth evolves – so do we. One day we are a seed and 80 years later, a seasoned rose with memories of full bloom.
And it is in those memories we may reflect on how the environment we basked in contributed to our creation.

To reflect on the environment we evolve in, it is important to take inventory of the people and things we surround ourselves with. Are the people or things contributing to our growth, or lack thereof, filling our cup or are they draining? Are they supportive or are they critical of us? Are they a black hole we lose ourselves in or are they the sun that shines a light on our day?

If the people we surround ourselves will hinder our bloom, we need to protect our space and disengage ourselves. If the things we surround ourselves with are not contributing to a nurturing and fertile environment to bloom in, it is necessary to rid ourselves of those things and find the things that make for better ingredients. The miracle of LIFE deserves better people and things contributing to our existence. If the Earth has taught us anything, trusting that when the environment is optimal, miracles happen.





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