Pedophile hunters 'destroying people's lives for Facebook likes', police chief warns

Pedophile hunters

Vigilante pedophile hunters are slowing down police investigations and destroying people's lives in the name of "Facebook likes", a chief constable has warned.

The activists are causing people to be wrongly accused, attacked and even take their own lives, according to Simon Bailey, who leads the UK's response to child sexual abuse.

Evidence from pedophile hunters is increasingly being used to prosecute offenders, but police are divided on the issue, and some fear the groups' tactics could impede their own work.

Mr Bailey, who is head of child protection at the National Police Chiefs' Council, emphatically ruled out working with the groups, saying they take "completely unnecessary risks".

He said: "I can't deny they've led to convictions, but they've also led to people being blackmailed, people being subject of GBH (grievous bodily harm), the wrong people being accused, people committing suicide as a result of interventions, family lives being completely destroyed, in the name of what? Facebook likes."





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