Professional wrestler who starred in Jack Black film Nacho Libre dies after collapsing in the ring at packed London event

Proffessional wrestler who starred in Jack Black film collapses dies at London event

Silver King, who starred in comedy Nacho Libre in 2006, was performing at the Roundhouse Theatre in Camden, north London The wrestler - real name Cuauhtémoc González Barrón  fell onto the
canvass during the crowded event, with fans and other performers at first believing it was part of the act.
Silver King was up against ex WWE star Juventud ‘The Juice’ Guerrera when the incident took place on Saturday night.

Moments after the fighter collapsed, other wrestlers surrounded him and began desperately performing CPR while the audience were ushered out of the arena.

A witness said: ‘They were wrestling and then something just seemed to go wrong.

‘As they were wrestling it stopped and they seemed like they weren’t in sync at all, and the other wrestler started performing CPR.

‘Other wrestlers jumped into the ring to help, and they got a defibrillator out. It was scary, they evacuated everyone but there didn’t seem to be an ambulance arrive for at least 20 minutes,’ reported the Sun.

One witness said there were lots of children around and that it took viewers ‘a couple of minutes’ to realise it was no longer part of the performance and that it was a serious incident.

According to the Camden New Journal, Silver King was turned over after appearing to fall during the fight and counted out.
But when he failed to get up to the referee’s calls, organisers and a team of medics rushed onto the stage.

Fans reportedly chanted ‘Silver’ before realising that it wasn’t part of the performance.





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