The situations that marks the boundaries within which you reside in life

Identifying your self
These two situations help mark the boundaries within which you reside. We have all had situations where we had a great need. That was a test of who you were at that point in time. The same for the times when we had all we needed (for that moment, and in that aspect of our lives.

By keeping track of how we respond in trying situations, we can better judge where we need to improve ourselves. Remember, tests, even the ones at school, aren’t there to tell you you are a failure. They exist to test you and find out what you know.

If you use tests as they were intended and measure your progress and probe for weaknesses, you can continue to grow and become better at whatever the test is measuring. What do you want to learn about yourself? Devise a test and find out! Then analyse the results and plot your next move.

It’s just that easy. Try something (take the test). Look at the results (analyse the data). Think about what is next (plan your next attempt). Try it again. Repeat until you have reached the desired level of improvement.
Where can I apply this in my life?
————————————————— Without tests, we would never know. How patient are you? How kind are you? Both in the easy times and in the trying times. How else can you measure yourself? How would you define yourself? How would you measure that aspect of your life?

What are the things you most value about yourself? Grab some paper and write a few of them down. Now consider each in turn. How would you test yourself in these aspects? If you valued honesty, and wanted to test yourself, what might you do?

It might be difficult to come up with casual scenarios, but you can set goals that the next time you are in a situation, you will attempt to do better than you have in the past. Eventually the situation will occur, and you can get your data, your feedback, right?

Even if you don’t do anything with the information, life is always testing you. You might want to take advantage of this information and plan your next step. We all have things we want to improve, or at least know that we should improve. Why not give it a try?





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