Tesla releases new wheel design for Model X electric SUV

 Tesla has released a new wheel design for Model X – the first new wheel design for the electric SUV in a long time.
Back in 2016, Tesla introduced new stock wheels for the Model S called Slipstream wheels.
As we previously mentioned in our report on comments about the Model 3 aero wheels by the automaker’s former head of aerodynamics, the new wheels have been designed for aerodynamic performance.

Now Tesla is bringing the same style of wheel as a 20″ option to the Model X, but with a new two-tone design.

They automaker recently updated its online design studio to add the new $2,000 option:

It’s a rare new wheel option for Tesla’s flagship vehicles. Here’s another look at the wheel
The new option comes after Tesla released new longer-range versions of the Model S and Model X and changed the options and pricing structure last month.





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