Tesla launches Model 3 in Australia and some other markets

Tesla launches Model 3 in Australia and some other markets

A few weeks after first launching the Model 3 right-hand drive in the UK, Tesla is now expanding the availability of the new version to Australia and all other right-hand drive markets.

Over 18 months after first launching Model 3, Tesla finally brought to market the right-hand drive version of the electric car when it launched the car in the UK a few weeks ago.

Now Tesla is also opening its order book for Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand, Ireland and Macau – all the main right-hand drive markets outside of the UK.

Tesla Model 3 in Australia
Interestingly, Tesla is only opening orders for two versions of the Model 3: Model 3 Standard Range Plus and Model 3 Performance:

The least expensive version starts $70,370 AUD (~$48,600 USD) and it includes local charges.

It’s the equivalent of roughly $10,000 more than in the US, but imported luxury vehicles are often more expensive in Australia.

For example, it is barely more expensive than the BMW 3-Series, which is seen as one of the biggest competitors to Model 3 in its segment.

Tesla Right-Hand Drive Markets
Historically, the right-hand drive markets haven’t represented significant sources of demand for Tesla outside of the UK and Hong Kong at one point.

With its cheaper starting price, the Model 3 is expected to help Tesla expand in those markets.

Australia and New Zealand could be good demand drivers.

Japan is a big right-hand drive market, but Tesla has had difficulties in the country and it has historically been a difficult market to penetrate for foreign automakers.





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