Tesla Model 3 receives stellar 5-Star rating from premier UK auto magazine

Ahead of its release in Europe’s right-hand-drive regions, the Tesla Model 3 has gone through an extensive review by Auto Express, one of the UK’s leading automotive publications.
The electric sedan from Silicon Valley proved impressive, receiving a stellar 5-Star rating from the magazine.

The UK-based publication highlighted that the Model 3 it reviewed had a solid build. According to the magazine, the electric sedan that they tested featured materials that looked and felt posh, and there were no rattles or squeaks observed while driving. These observations bode well for the electric car, which experienced build quality issues during the first months of its production.

Elon Musk responded to these build quality reports by rallying Tesla employees to work harder in ensuring that the vehicles they produce are as finely-built as possible. Optimizations to the vehicle’s production line were also implemented to refine the buildout of the Model 3 further. These recent observations from Auto Express, which likely used one of Tesla’s newly-built Model 3, prove that the electric car maker is mastering the manufacturing of its most disruptive vehicle to date.





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