Tesla working on integrating more video games inside cars to add Unity and Unreal engines

Tesla started integrating some video games inside its vehicles last year and now it is expanding with new video games and engines, says Elon Musk.

Last year, the automaker introduced ‘Teslatari’, an emulator of Atari games from the 70s and 80s that runs on Tesla vehicle computers.

They started with a few games, like Asteriods and Pole position, but Musk said that it is only the beginning of the automaker’s venture into games inside its vehicles.

They want to add more Atari games to the emulator, but Musk has also made clear they plan to add other games from other companies as well.

This weekend, the CEO said that they are working on porting the Unity and Unreal video game engines in Tesla vehicles.

Musk added that there are many ways to control the video games from inside the vehicles:

The CEO also previously said that Tesla is working on ‘car karaoke’ mode with the version 10 software update, which doesn’t have a clear release date yet since the automaker has just started rolling out version 9.





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