The illusion or ego of knowledge is what that obstructs us from learning


Firstly let's clear out the meaning of knowledge and ignorance.

what is knowledge: It is the thoughts/ideas/understanding/facts or information acquired through learning and practice.

what is ignorance: Lack of knowledge or information about something.

Knowledge improves if we keep on practicing more and more information and facts to our brain. For that we should have some basic knowledge to which we can relate whatever we are going to learn so that it makes the process of learning or gaining knowledge easier.

Upon understanding the above facts let's try to think what the statement says. It is ignorance(not having sufficient knowledge) is not a problem to the learning or process of gaining knowledge. .

But the illusion of knowledge is what that prohibits us from gaining knowledge. It is easy to understand if we think it in a different way. We try to read some news or know some information when we feel that we don't know it. Then we may get some interest towards knowing it. But once we think as if we know it already, our brain/thoughts don't pay much attention to it or we suffer from lack of concentration and conscious-focus on the matter that we are going to read.

Analogous example: If one feel that his/her stomach is full, he/she may no more show any interest to consume food further.

Therefore, the illusion or ego of knowledge is what that obstructs us from learning and knowledge.





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