Venezuelan National Guard armoured vehicle trys running over a group of protesters?

Armoured vehicles operated by soldiers loyal to the besieged president were seen ploughing into demonstrators in front of La Carlota base in Caracas.

Heavy gunfire crackled through the Venezuelan capital on Tuesday after opposition leader Juan Guaido called for a military uprising to oust President Maduro.

In the clip posted online a group of protesters could be seen throwing missiles at a white armoured vehicle. As they launch the assault as second tank emerged from the left and mounted the central reservation of the highway, mowing down a number of people.

One person could be seen falling under the wheels as both vehicles drove off, leaving crowds to swarm around the injured person.

 Vice President Mike Pence voiced the Trump administration's support in both English and Spanish, by tweeting: 'We are with you.'

It also emerged today that Maduro was ready to leave Venezuela but Russia convinced him to remain in the country, according to U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

In an interview with CNN Pompeo said Maduro was prepared to leave the country on Tuesday morning in the face of a call for an uprising by opposition leader Guaido, but reversed his plan after the intervened of the Kremlin. 





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