VW Group May Sell Bentley And Lamborghini By 2030

VW Group May Sell Bentley And Lamborghini By 2030

Volkswagen Group is in the earliest stages of instituting a Vision 2030 plan that aims to massively restructure the company over the next 11 years, including possibly abandoning many of its premium
brands. The company hasn't even selected the folks to lead this initiative, but somehow Automobile got the inside scoop on some of the early plans.

The Volkswagen brand, Audi, and Porsche are safe in the future VW Group, but the rest of the marques aren't so secure, according to company insiders speaking to Automobile. Skoda and SEAT may undergo a reinvention with more distinct designs. However, Bentley, Bugatti, Ducati, Italdesign, and Lamborghini may go up for sale or just get the ax.

Bentley is reportedly most under threat of leaving VW Group because the brand is too old-fashioned. "Why invest on a backward-looking enterprise when you can support a trendsetter," a senior analyst told Automobile. The company allegedly wouldn't shutter the marque overnight and would instead quietly search for a buyer, likely from China.

Keep in mind, Vision 2030 is forming VW Group's strategy over a decade into the future. It's still entirely possible that the rumored larger Bentley SUV could happen, and the brand intends to debut the new Flying Spur later this year.

Bugatti allegedly would leave VW Group but remain within reach of the Porsche family by handing control to Ferdinand Porsche's grandson Ferdinand PiĆ«ch. 





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