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Tesla has to go 'all out' to hit new delivery record, Musk says

Tesla Inc. could be on the verge of a quarterly record for vehicle deliveries, though the electric carmaker will need to go “all out” in the last few days of the month, CEO Elon Musk wrote in an internal memo.

Apple Acquires Self-Driving Startup

Approximately two years ago, Apple CEO Tim Cook told Bloomberg about the tech company’s intentions to dip its toes into the self-driving car business by working on autonomous systems.

Terrifying moment Tablet burns through bed at night inches away from the face of an 11-year-old boy

An 11-year-old boy narrowly escaped what would have been a tragedy after his Samsung tablet reportedly overheated and burned a hole in his bed, just inches from his face.

'Iranian Messi' accused of sleeping with 23 women by pretending to be the 'Real Messi'

A man in Iran accused of sleeping with 23 women by pretending to be the Lionel Messi because of their uncanny resemblance has denied conning the women into sleeping with him.

Mindset of today's youth

This Photo succinctly displays the mindset of most today's youths.

How gratitude draws out the best in us

If you want to be on speaking terms with happiness learn the language of gratitude.

solar powered car, First Arrival (photos)

We asked for a solar powered car. Here is the first arrivals.

Lego Announces 2020 Land Rover Defender Technic Set

Lego isn't known to produce leaks of upcoming cars, but it seems like the brick company woke up on the wrong side of the bed by revealing a new Lego Technic – the 2020 Land Rover Defender.


GM isn’t the first name you think of when it comes to bicycles. But America’s largest automaker, which is home to Chevy and Cadillac, is hoping to change that with the launch of its Ariv e-bikes

Nashville to banish electric scooters

Nashville is banishing the scooters after its first scooter-related death.

FedEx refused to deliver a Huawei phone into the US

Writers at PC Magazine tried to ship a Huawei P30 from a UK office to a US one, and were surprised to find it sent back a few days later.

Apple to put OLEDs in laptops and tablets

Apple might put OLEDs in laptops and tablets to make up for slowing iPhone sales

Tesla is accused of breaking labor laws with firings and surveillance by union

Gigafactory 2 is a 1.2 million-square-foot facility located in Buffalo, New York.

Tesla drops a bunch more used Model 3 inventory at surprisingly high prices

After first starting to sell used Model 3 with a warranty last week, Tesla has now made a lot more inventory

Tesla arcade mode goes live in dealers

Now Tesla Arcade is rolling out to customer cars as a full-blown featured app, instead of being hidden away as the Teslatari ‘Easter egg’.

Fiat 500 Reaches 3 Million Units Sold Milestone in Europe

Twelve years after it was revived, the 500 families reached an important milestone on the European continent: the 3 millionth car in the range, a 500C Star convertible in Stella White livery, was purchased by a customer.

How Survival instincts limit human beings to only think of themselves

The idea of being strong or weak is widely misunderstood or misinterpreted by us as human beings. Each person has his/her way of defining that, as well as acting upon it.

2020 Lexus GX Revealed With Updated Styling

People have been complaining about the size of the BMW X7’s kidneys ever since the large SUV came out, but let’s keep in mind Lexus’ spindle grille has grown over the years and the GX has been carrying a large corporate face

YouTuber transforms a Tesla Model 3 into a pickup truck

Simone Giertz was tired of waiting for Elon Musk to unveil his new Tesla pickup truck, so she decided to make one herself.

New light-up keyboard helps you play the piano like it's Guitar Hero

Many people try to learn an instrument at one point or another in their life, and for a lot of us, that instrument is the piano. But when you give up learning there’s no easy way back — not without paying for expensive lessons at least.

SpaceX on track for US Air Force Falcon 9 mission later this year

Reading between the lines, the US Air Force has effectively confirmed that GPS III Space Vehicle 03 (SV03) – the third GPS III satellite built by Lockheed Martin – is ready for launch aboard a SpaceX

Prince Harry celebrates his first Fathers day with adorable photo of his son, Archie

Prince Harry is celebrating his first Fathers day and what better way to mark the day than to share this

Huge Crowds March in Hong Kong, Piling Pressure on Leader of thousands of Hong Kong residents, mostly clad in black, jammed the city’s streets Sunday in a vehement show of opposition to proposed legislation that has stoked fears of expanding control from Beijing in this former British colony.

June 16, 2019 at 03:55AM

Sweden: Church in Heavily Populated Muslim Area Targeted a Second Time  church located in a heavily populated Muslim migrant area of Sweden was targeted for a second time by bombers early Friday.   

June 15, 2019 at 01:51PM

China Releases Pastor's Wife After Six Months in Jail wife of a Chinese pastor was released from jail this week, six months after being arrested with her husband and other church members.  Their church building was also closed by the government.

June 15, 2019 at 07:32AM

Notre-Dame to Celebrate First Mass Since April Fire Notre Dame cathedral is holding its first Mass since the April fire that ravaged the edifice’s roof and caused its masterpiece spire to collapse.

June 15, 2019 at 05:31AM

WhatsApp Rushes to Fix Security Flaw Exposed in Hacking of Lawyer’s Phone

Researchers said the NSO Group had found a vulnerability, which was disclosed Monday, that was used to target the iPhone of a human-rights lawyer in London and perhaps others. Technology

Sprint and T-Mobile Merger Approval, Said to Be Near, Could Undercut Challenge by States

Provisions set by the Justice Department, described by people familiar with the plan, could weaken a lawsuit that 10 attorneys general filed to try to block the $26 billion deal. Technology

The Week in Tech: Big Trouble With Trustbusters and China

The tech industry is caught in the middle of escalating trade tensions with China. And at home, regulators are getting serious about cracking down on Big Tech. Technology

Stanford Team Aims at Alexa and Siri With a Privacy-Minded Alternative

A handful of companies already dominate the market for digital assistants. The implications for consumer privacy are a serious concern, researchers say. Technology

When Rohingya Refugees Fled to India, Hate on Facebook Followed

After posts on the social network contributed to Myanmar’s genocide of Rohingya Muslims, Facebook vowed to fix the problem. Then the vitriol moved to India. Technology

Tesla Shareholder’s Meeting News Hub

Tesla is holding its annual shareholder’s meeting today in Palo Alto and it could be an interesting one with all the recent changes to the board.

It Was 'Like Hell': Migrants Stepping Over Dead Bodies on Dangerous Jungle Trek North to US of migrants hoping to make it to a better life in the US begin their trek in Colombia. From there, they walk through the Darien Gap, a treacherous jungle trail to Panama. 

June 13, 2019 at 10:20AM

New Group Mobilizes Jews, Christians to Fight Anti-Semitism, Christian Persecution synagogue shootings in the United States to Christians imprisoned in Iran or China, Jews and Christians are under assault in today’s world. Acts of both anti-Semitism and Christian persecution are rising around the world. But a new organization is challenging the church to confront these acts of hate.   Hoping to bring the two forces together, Susanna Kokkonen has launched Hope for Persecuted Peoples.

June 13, 2019 at 07:57AM

Amazon Flunks Children’s Privacy, Advocacy Groups Charge

Children’s groups say the tech giant’s Echo Dot Kids device violated a federal law protecting youngsters’ online privacy. Amazon disagrees. Technology

Oil Tankers Targeted Near Strait of Hormuz, 1 Set Ablaze as Iran-US Tensions Spike oil tankers near the strategic Strait of Hormuz were reportedly attacked on Thursday, an assault that left one ablaze and adrift as sailors were evacuated from both vessels and the U.S. Navy rushed to assist amid heightened tensions between Washington and Tehran.

June 13, 2019 at 04:43AM

Facebook Expects to Be Fined Up to $5 Billion by F.T.C. Over Privacy Issues

Facebook and the agency have been in negotiations over a financial penalty for claims that the company violated a 2011 consent decree. Technology

Get More From Your Letters With Custom Stationery for Print or Pixels

Even in today’s digital world, notes sent under a formal letterhead can help get the right message across. Here’s how to make your own powerful design with just a few keystrokes. Technology

Huawei Is Said to Demand Patent Fees From Verizon

The demand, which could amount to a billion dollars, represents a new wrinkle in the tensions between the Trump administration and China. Technology

'Amazing Grace': Ravi Zacharias Says Death Row Brought Him to Tears as He Ministered at Angola Prison week, Christian apologist Ravi Zacharias and others visited Angola Prison in Louisiana, one of the largest penitentiaries in the country. 

June 12, 2019 at 03:16PM

Christians Flee as Islamic Terrorists Murder at Least 19 in Africa's Burkina Faso least 19 Christians were killed in an attack June 9 on the village of Arbinda in Africa's northern Burkina Faso, the AFP reports. 

June 12, 2019 at 02:51PM

‘Oversharing’ on Google Calendar, and Making Sure Readers Come Back for More

What are Times readers hungriest for? Here’s how Jodi Rudoren, associate managing editor for audience, finds out and then works to serve them. Technology

Captured ISIS Terrorist Reveals Plot to Exploit Weak US-Mexico Border to Unleash Jihad on America captured and now repentant Canadian ISIS fighter recently revealed a plot for operatives to travel from Syria and gain entrance into the US through the southern border with Mexico, using active routes taken by migrants.

June 12, 2019 at 01:22PM

Who Owns Huawei? The Company Tried to Explain. It Got Complicated.

The Chinese tech giant wants to put to rest concerns that it is susceptible to influence by the country’s government. That has been no easy task. Technology

Bentley Mulsanne Mulliner Interiors

Bentley Mulsanne Mulliner Interiors
Dope or Nope?. Another photo below;

The first-ever Mercedes-Benz GLB unveiled

Last night the first-ever Mercedes-Benz GLB was unveiled. This all-new compact SUV brings the best of both worlds with off-road DNA and modern practicality. More photos below;

The biggest confusion is when you are asked to choose 1-10

No one should ask me to choose...They are all cool. More photos below

The newest drone tank meant to teach kids how to code

Drone maker DJI has spent the last few years running a massive robotics competition in China called RoboMasters, where students build and code robots that do battle in a literal arena.

Tesla might get into the mining business to secure minerals for electric batteries

Tesla might get into the business of mining minerals used in electric vehicle batteries if it wants to expand its product lineup and scale production, CEO Elon Musk said during the company’s annual shareholder meeting.

House Opens Tech Antitrust Inquiry With Look at Threat to News Media

Local journalism has been pushed “to the verge of extinction,” said a member of a committee that plans 18 months of hearings and other scrutiny of the big technology platforms. Technology

A Fake Zuckerberg Video Challenges Facebook’s Rules

Last month, the social media company would not remove a doctored video of Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Facebook said the video of Mr. Zuckerberg will get the same treatment. Technology

Chinese Christians are Memorizing Scripture Because Communist Gov ‘Can’t Take What’s Hidden in Your Heart’ Cordeiro, pastor of New Hope Christian Fellowship in Honolulu, Hawaii, is praying that American Christians become more like Chinese Christians. 

June 11, 2019 at 04:39PM

Your Kids Think You’re Addicted to Your Phone

While parents are, of course, worried about their teenagers’ phone use, that concern goes both ways, a new study found. Technology

Australian Police Shut Down 200 Fraudulent Daycare Centers with Links to ISIS in Australia have closed almost 200 daycare centers after finding the private businesses were linked to the Islamic State, motorcycle gangs, and large-scale fraud.

June 11, 2019 at 02:47PM

Barack Obama, Michelle and Malia cheer on Sasha as she graduates from Sidwell, DC's most elite private high school

The entire Obama family was seen cheering on Sasha Obama as she graduated from Sidwell, Washington DC's most elite private high school.

Ferraris, Rolls Royces and Lamborghinis lie covered in desert dust in Dubai after their owners defaulted on loans and had to flee the country

Supercars and luxurious classic motors are covered in desert dust in one of the world's most expensive car graveyards in the Gulf.

Amazon overtakes Google and Apple to be the world's biggest brand

Amazon has overtaken Google and Apple to become the world's most valuable brand after its value jumped 52% since last year to reach $315 billion.

Now what kind of car is this?

Real or Fake?
This Photo is for entertainment.
 I'm yet to understand the concept even though its dope. where is the window?

Why Play a Music CD? ‘No Ads, No Privacy Terrors, No Algorithms’

Streaming services have revolutionized the discovery of songs, but here’s why Ben Sisario, who covers the music industry, still likes to listen to compact discs. Technology



How This Former Navy SEAL Is Combating the Venezuelan Crisis in His Own Way

Hundreds of cars wait for gasoline inside Venezuela, as tough sanctions and hyperinflation cripple this oil-rich nation's economy. The petroleum infrastructure here is broken and output continues to decline.


Google to Buy Data Analytics Company Despite New Antitrust Scrutiny

Google said it would acquire Looker for $2.6 billion in a bid to catch rivals in the cloud-computing industry. Technology

They Just Won’t Die: Dark Web Drug Sellers Resist Police Crackdowns

The notorious Silk Road site was shut down in 2013. Others have followed. But the online trafficking of illegal narcotics hasn’t abated. Technology

New bill : Child sex offenders to undergo chemical castration - Alabama governor

Alabama governor signs new bill requiring child sex offenders to undergo chemical castration
Governor of Alabama Kay Ivey has signed a bill into law on Monday night that would require the chemical castration of certain sex offenders as a condition of parole.

The bill, passed by the state legislature last week, requires male offenders whose offense involved a child under the 13 to “undergo chemical castration treatment in addition to any other penalty or condition prescribed by law.”