Fiat 500 Reaches 3 Million Units Sold Milestone in Europe

Fiat 500 Reaches 3 Million Units Sold Milestone in Europe
 Twelve years after it was revived, the 500 families reached an important milestone on the European continent: the 3 millionth car in the range, a 500C Star convertible in Stella White livery, was purchased by a customer.

Fiat didn’t specifically say whether the number includes sales of the first generation of the nameplate, but it did admit it refers to the 500 families as a whole, and not only to the base 500 models.
Fiat 500 Reaches 3 Million Units Sold Milestone in Europe

The Fiar 500 was born in 1957 at a time when small city cars were in high demand in still war-torn Europe. Only one generation of the original 500 was ever made, but one that spanned over decades of production, until 1975.

It was then when the car was replaced by the infinitely less successful Fiat 126.

Revived in 2007, the 500 slowly grew to become part of a larger family. Presently, the nameplate sells in three body styles, including an SUV variation: 500 hatchbacks, the 500L van, and the 500X SUV. The most recent model of the pack is the SUV, which was presented with its first facelift last year.

The markets were the car is present have expanded as well, and the model even reached the United States, thanks to the union between the Italians and Chrysler about a decade ago, when the economic crisis was in full swing. It was this alliance that allowed the 500 range to expand to bigger body styles.

Presently, the car sells the best in its home country, Italy. Still, 62 percent of all sales happen outside of the peninsula. The other biggest markets for the 500 in Europe are the UK, France, Germany, and Spain. 





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