How Survival instincts limit human beings to only think of themselves

The idea of being strong or weak is widely misunderstood or misinterpreted by us as human beings. Each person has his/her way of defining that, as well as acting upon it.
With the fast pace of life, we tend to act upon instinct and not think of our actions, or of how we might be affecting others, whether close or distant.
Due to the fact that the world is unfair and harsh, the majority of human beings are selfish and insecure. Survival instincts limit human beings to only think of themselves. Most people tend to believe that thinking of others is a sign of weakness. Some are addicted to aggressiveness and harshness that they forgot the word “politeness” and I strongly believe that politeness is now taken for granted, or presumed as a weakness.

We always hear that we should not be affected by others opinions, but in reality, rewards keep human beings motivated to do desirable things, and this is why other people’s opinion is to some extent important.
 "Let your past make you BETTER, not BITTER".

Strength in my dictionary is to know what suffering feels like and learning to rise above it, never lose hope, when life kicks, but somehow manage to get yourself back up. It’s about believing in you so passionately and believing you are strong and brave enough, realize that you are capable of whatever you set your mind to.

We are in control of our destiny, and no one will plan yours, or do it for you. You need to be strong, and being strong is focusing on now, focusing on the present. Once you focus on something you do not have or something in the past or the future, you will be the only loser. Take high power poses, whenever you feel down, and rise above all.

You are not weak if you love, you are not weak if you are polite or express who you are and what you feel. You are not weak if you do not answer back to those who mock you, bully you or offend you. Be a better version of yourself at all costs. Love yourself, and surround yourself with people who always remind you of your value and give you positive energy.





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