Motorola Moto Z4 review

  Motorola Moto Z4 review

Moto Z4 is not a particularly exciting phone. It’s a mid-range device with a familiar design, spec list, and feature set. Its main differentiator is Moto Mods, the attachable accessories that can magnetically snap on the back of the phone.
But those aren’t really much of a draw anymore. They wore out their welcome a few Moto Z versions ago.

With a price tag of $499 for the unlocked model (or as low as $240 if you’re buying from Verizon and starting a new line of service), you might think the Z4 is one of those mid-range budget phones that really could replace something that costs much more. Yet the Z4 has plenty of great competition that feels fresher or more appealing in that price range. In a lineup of 2019 phones, the Z4 wouldn’t get a second look from anyone.

But while the Z4 is not an exciting phone, it’s certainly not a bad phone. In fact, it has quite a few redeeming qualities that make it worth considering, depending on your priorities.





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