Nashville to banish electric scooters

Nashville is banishing the scooters after its first scooter-related death.
The city’s mayor David Briley notified seven scooter companies operating in Nashville he was ending the pilot7 project and banning electric scooters from the streets, according to a letter he posted to Twitter Friday.

“We have seen the public safety and accessibility costs that these devices inflict, and it is not fair to our residents for this to continue,” Briley writes. “If these devices return in the future, it will be after a public process, on our terms, with strict oversight for numbers, safety, and accessibility.”

Mayor David Briley

"Today, I notified Nashville's seven scooter companies of my decision to end the pilot period and ban e-scooters from our streets. We have seen the public safety and accessibility cost, the injuries and it is not fair if this continues".





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