Tesla Shareholder’s Meeting News Hub

Tesla Shareholder’s Meeting News Hub

Tesla is holding its annual shareholder’s meeting today in Palo Alto and it could be an interesting one with all the recent changes to the board.

You can visit our Tesla Shareholder’s Meeting News Hub below to get the latest news coming out of the meeting.

Tesla shareholders meeting
The Tesla 2019 shareholders meeting will start today, June 11, 2019, at 2:30 p.m. Pacific Time, at the Computer History Museum.

These meetings generally start with the official items, which this year includes voting to reelect two board members, voting on a new equity plan, ratifying Tesla’s independent registered public accounting firm, voting on two shareholder proposals, and more.

After this boring part, CEO Elon Musk normally gets on stage to give a presentation about the current state of the company before taking questions from shareholders.

But sometimes Tesla takes a different approach. For example, last year, Musk brought long-time Tesla executives on stage to talk about their stories from their early times at the company.

Things are expected to be different this year due to a few important changes.

It’s the first shareholders meeting where Musk is not Chairman of the board after being ousted as part of his settlement with the SEC.

The formal part of the previous meetings have been led by the general counsel, who at the time was Todd Maron, but he has since left the company and he has been replaced by Jonathan Chang.

We don’t expect any surprises on the voting side, but the presentation and Q&A could get interesting following Tesla’s tough first quarter and a significant price drop.

Tesla’s stock price has dropped 30% since last year’s meeting.

Tesla 2019 Shareholders Meeting News
Here we are going to gather all our news articles and analyses of what is being released at the Tesla shareholders meeting.

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