What I told my father- Cristiano Ronaldo

When I was younger, I told my dad " We are going to be rich and we are
going to have a big house" then he said, "son, that's impossible" today I have what I said to my father, but I don't have my father.

Lesson : Never use the word. Impossible. Impossible is nothing to those that believe.

Secondly, When you are convinced about your success...Keep confessing it because by confessing it,  you affirm it. (say it to yourself first)  saying it to someone else might get you discouraged because of the person's unbelieve.

Thirdly don't be the one to use that word impossible when you hear someone's aspirations...

So this week have this mindset

"I can't see any wings but I know I can fly. I don't know how but I will fly"

Keep working on your dream$ little by little... but don't stay at a place. Keep moving, leave your comfort zone if necessary.

Enjoy your week RQ lovers.





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