Electric sedan with suicide doors, multiple interior screens, 5G connectivity

Shown here at the 2019 Geneva Motor show, the Enovate ME-S or ME Sport is an all electric sporty sedan with suicide doors
multiple interior screens, 5G connectivity and biometric analysis tech (another way of saying ‘technology that makes sure the driver isn’t asleep or on his phone). The car also features Level 4 autonomy and a ‘steering control’ that tucks away into the dash when you want your car to ferry you around the place. 0-60 is quick too at just over 3 seconds, and the ME-S will also reportedly feature solid state batteries (which is safer and greatly reduces charging times). Despite all this there’s currently no info on range, although expect it to be impressive given the companies first ever car, the ME7 SUV, could do over 300 miles on a single charge. Enovate currently only sells the ME7 in China, but here’s to hoping the ME-S $55k sedan will be available in more places by the time it goes into production in 2021





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