Avoiding Regret, Guilt and Depression

How many of us feel guilty every time we say something that hurts someone or does something that bothers a friend. The times you feel bad about something, and instead of correcting it or simply saying sorry, you choose to let it go because maybe it will just disappear and go by unnoticed.

My friend, this is where we are wrong! Nothing goes by unnoticed, not in the world we live in, it actually all comes back to us. You give out pain and pain will come back to you. You choose to shower people with love, and that’s what you will get back.

I’ll ask you this, how much easier would it be for you to avoid regret if you could keep in mind nearly the whole time that none of us are here to stay, that our lives are temporary; all of us. So instead of hurting someone with sharp words and then feeling bad, what if you could look at that person and remember/realize that he will be gone someday. This is not a depressing method, rather a way to keep track of what you may feel when the time comes and you have to deal with all the guilt buried inside. Give your heart a break and take away most of the pain which will one day ache. Show appreciation and gratitude instead.

Gratitude is a beautiful quality. Being able to see the beauty in the slightest of things will make you a happier person.
It is simple:
1- Live the moment you are going through right now, and I really mean it, feel it and breathe it in.

2 Be thankful for that moment.

3 Show those you are sharing it with that you appreciate the memories you are making.
4  Realize that some moments cannot always be done again.

5 And finally, have the guts and heart to say THANK YOU! Thank you for these moments, thank you for being there with me, thank you for choosing to be happy around me, thank you for giving me your time.

Being grateful will last you a long way. So remember, your heart does not deserve to feel guilty, instead, at some point in life you should be able to look back and think, “Damn that was a good trip, and I made the best of it with everyone I know.”





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