Career couples face unique challenges - Harvard Review

career couples face unique challenges

Dual-career couples face unique challenges. One of the biggest comes when they navigate the first major life event they face together, like a big career opportunity or the arrival of a child.
To adapt, they have to negotiate their priorities, moving from having parallel, independent careers and lives to having interdependent ones. A study of more than 100 couples around the globe shows two common traps for couples negotiating their way through their first transition:

1) Concentrating exclusively on the practical. Instead of simply negotiating over calendars and to-do lists, couples must understand, share, and discuss the emotions, values, and fears underlying their decisions. Talking about feelings as well as practicalities can help them mitigate and manage them.
career couples face unique challenges

2) Basing decisions primarily on money. Many couples focus on the economic gain as they decide where to live, whose career to prioritize, and who will do the majority of the childcare. But as sensible (and sometimes unavoidable) as this is, it often means that their decisions end up at odds with their other values and desires. Couples who talk early and often about what’s really important over the long-term are more successful at navigating difficult decisions because they’ve agreed on criteria in advance.





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