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Huawei launches AI-backed database to target enterprise customers

China’s Huawei is making a serious foray into the enterprise business market after it unveiled a new database management product on Wednesday, putting it in direct competition with entrenched vendors like IBM, Oracle and Microsoft.

New Google’s AI art project turns your face into a ‘poem portrait’

Google has sponsored some crazy and innovative projects and this one is definitely one.

This YouTube Channel Streams AI-Generated Death Metal 24/7 ...

Over the past month, an AI called Dadabots has been endlessly generating and streaming death metal on YouTube,

#waitless App: New NHS waiting times app will show patients how to find hospitals with the shortest A&E queue

A new NHS waiting times app will soon see patients choose where they seek urgent treatment.

Google’s Pixel 3 Cam uses AI to detect when you’re kissing someone in a selfie

Google’s Pixel phone indeed has Unique cameras. A built-in kiss cam for the camera on the Pixel 3 that automatically detects when subjects are puckering up and snaps a quick photo.

Apple acquires patents from AI security camera maker Lighthouse

AI security camera company Lighthouse may have shut down, but its patents will live on: Apple reportedly bought the patent portfolio of the now-defunct company at the end of 2018, according to IAM.

Meet Jiang Lailai, China's new entertainment ROBOT; her show is already a hit nationwide

China's new entertainment robot host is a hit among viewers nationwide.

Jiang Lailai, a stunning humanoid female robot powered by artificial intelligence, joined her human co-host in presenting 'Creating the Future with Intelligence', a variety show dedicated to showcasing and explaining new technology and innovation in China.